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[01-07-2016] - Новые версии продуктов Alt-N

Компания Alt-N выпустила новые весии своих продуктов, дополненные новым функционалом и исправленными ошибками.

OutlookConnector (OC) 3.6.0

Continuing performance improvements along with new features that you’ve been requesting:

Multiple Account Support - support for multiple OC, IMAP, POP accounts in the same profile.
Improved Automatic Updates – The current automatic updates only work if the user that is
logged into the machine has administrative access to the machine. The new version will update OutlookConnector regardless of the permissions of the user on the machine. This will enable all
users (non-administrators) to update OC when it is installed on the server.
NOTE: Initial install of 3.6 or newer requires administrative access on the machine
Improved Attachment Handling – Outlook Connector will clean up any attachments left on
disk that are not referenced in the database.

SecurityGateway 4.0.0

Enhanced Anti-Spoofing Support – Added support for DMARC (Domain-based Message
Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) to enable domain owners to direct the actions
when handling messages purporting to be from their domain(s) but were not actually sent
by them.
Improved User Interface for Mobile Devices - The web interface has been updated to use
a mobile first responsive design that is based entirely on the size of the screen being used.
Whether the user is on a phone, tablet, or PC, the appearance is the same for the various
screen size.
Send Mail from Each Domain’s IP address - For servers that have multiple IP addresses,
each domain can now be bound to a specific IP address. Mail from the domain will be sent
from its assigned IP address.

MDaemon 16.0.3

Minor fixes plus a fix to correct corruption issues with ActiveSync attachments.